Programming Note: Feature at Forbes Tech

I recently wrote about retention during the Great Resignation for Forbes on what employees actually want from their company benefits.

Programming Note: Feature at Forbes Tech
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I recently wrote about retention during the Great Resignation for Forbes. At a high level, it's an encouragement to business leaders to reconsider benefits in light of employee demand:

Employers and employees alike need to stay resilient in the face of a rapidly evolving market. For workers, career resilience is found in the rapid acquisition of meaningful skills. For companies, resiliency comes from adapting those skill acquisitions into product development and market deployment.

To leverage those employees and their skills, companies need to nurture top talent. In the age of the "Great Resignation," recruiting and retaining skilled workers is of chief concern to most organizations. The labor market, especially for technical talent, is more competitive than it's ever been, and leaders are responding aggressively.

That the pandemic has structurally altered employment benefits should surprise no one. The fact that the bulk of these changes don't actually reflect what employees care about should alarm everyone.

What do employees actually want? According to a LinkedIn survey, learning and development opportunities. Workers want to grow in their career, and they want to grow themselves with new challenges and new skills. To meet these aspirations, many workers turn to solving LeetCode problems as a way to sharpen their coding skills, tackle new challenges, and prepare for technical interviews, thereby paving the way for career growth and development in the tech industry.

But merely providing opportunity to grow isn't enough. Companies should be intentional about surfacing, curating, and promoting learning throughout their organizational culture. This is why onboarding is so important.

Head over to Forbes for the full article.

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