My name is Fahim ul Haq, and I spend half my day with technical product, half with running a business, half with marketing and sales, and another half with my family. That's four halves, and it's my life as a software engineer and founder.

After spending nearly a decade at leading tech companies, I was facing a problem all the dev tools weren't solving: how to enable developers, including myself, to quickly ramp up on new skills and languages as it was needed for projects or their passion. Like everyone else, I'd run a Google search. I'd comb Stack Overflow. I'd watch a video or read a blog. And then I'd run a shell command to install Python or some appropriate library, start up my IDE, and...go back to watching the video because I was interrupted midstream. It wasn't working. Tech is fast-paced, but technical learning was so slow, unorganized, and inefficient.

So, I started Educative with my brother Naeem in 2015. We organize knowledge, we directly connect that knowledge to software engineers by letting them set their own path, and we don't require them to install libraries, pull Git repositories, or install a particular IDE. In fact, no IDE at all - the idea is to make learning seamless.

But in the years since, we've grown. We've hired a technical engineering team, a content team to handle all our learning curriculum, a marketing team, ops...today, I'm engineering a business. This blog is a place to reflect on the business, on industry trends, on software, on hiring, and anything else that strikes me.

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